Contribution Guidelines


Thank you for using ZebraUI.

Below are guidelines for submitting feedback or code to ZebraUI. Before submitting an issue or PR to ZebraUI, please take a few minutes to read the following.

Issue specification

  • When encountering a problem, please first confirm whether the problem has been recorded in the issue or has been fixed.
  • When raising an issue, please describe the problem encountered in brief language, and add the environment and reproduction steps when the problem occurred.

Participate in development

Local development

Before developing locally, please make sure Node.js >= 18 is installed in your development environment.

Directory Structure

ZebraUI uses monorepo for code management, which is mainly divided into the following modules:

└─ demos
    ├─ demo-cli # Sample project in cli mode
    ├─ demo-normal # uni_modules example project
    ├─ zebra-ui-docs # Documentation files
└─ scripts # Script files
└─ src #zebra-ui main package

The normal development process is to link the src main package by running the cli project, modify the main package code, and then synchronize it to the uni_modules of the demo-normal example.

Code specifications

When writing code, please note:

  • Ensure that the code can pass the ESLint verification of the warehouse.
  • Make sure the code format is standardized and use prettier for code formatting.
  • Make sure you are not using APIs beyond the compatibility range, such as async, await.

Submit Pull Request

Reference Guide

If this is your first time submitting a Pull Request on GitHub, you can read the following two articles to learn:

Pull Request Specification

Zebra-ui uses eslint, prettier, and stylelint to jointly constrain the code format.

Please run before submitting PR

pnpm run lint

Ensure that the format and style of the code are consistent and that there are no irregular references.

Pull Request Process

  1. Fork the main repository. If it has been forked, please synchronize the latest code of the main repository.
  2. Create a new branch based on the master branch of the forked warehouse, such as feature/xxx.
  3. Develop on the new branch. After the development is completed, submit a Pull Request to the master branch of the main warehouse.

Submit code

Zebra uses commitlint and czgit to standardize the submission format and run commands when submitting code.

pnpm run commit

To ensure uniform submission format.


Before submitting a Pull Request, please synchronize the latest code of the master branch.