Sticky sticky layout


The Sticky component has the same effect as the position: sticky property in CSS. When the component is within the screen range, it will be arranged according to the normal layout. When the component scrolls out of the screen range, it will always be fixed at the top of the screen.

When customizing the navigation bar, you need to specify the custom-navbar attribute.

Code Demo

Basic usage

Just wrap the content in a Sticky component.

<z-sticky custom-navbar>
   <z-button type="primary">Basic usage</z-button>

Ceiling distance

The offset-top property can be used to set the distance between the component and the top when it is ceiling-mounted.

<z-sticky custom-navbar :offset-top="50">
   <z-button type="primary" :custom-style="{ 'margin-left': '30%' }"
     >Basic usage</z-button

###Specify container

The container of the component can be specified through the container attribute. When the page is scrolled, the component will always remain within the scope of the container. When the component is about to exceed the bottom of the container, it will be fixed to the bottom of the container.

<view id="container" style="height: 300rpx; background-color: #fff">
   <z-sticky custom-navbar :container="container">
       :custom-style="{ 'margin-left': '300rpx' }"
       Specify container
import { ref, onMounted } from 'vue'
const container = ref({})
onMounted(() => {
   const query = uni.createSelectorQuery()
     .boundingClientRect((data) => {
       container.value = data

Used nested within scroll-view

When used in the scroll-view component, you need to listen to the scroll event and pass scrollTop and the top of the content layout to the component.

   style="height: 400rpx; background-color: #fff"
   <view style="height: 800rpx; padding-top: 50px">
     <z-sticky :scroll-top="scrollTop" :offset-top="offsetTop">
       <z-button type="danger"> Nested within scroll-view </z-button>
const scrollTop = ref(0)
const offsetTop = ref(0)

const onScroll = (event: any) => {
     .boundingClientRect((res: any) => {
       scrollTop.value = event.detail.scrollTop
       offsetTop.value =



ParametersDescriptionTypeDefault value
offset-topThe distance from the top when ceiling is mounted, supports rpx unit, default is pxnumber | string0
offset-bottomThe distance from the bottom when sucking the bottom, supports rpx unit, default pxnumber | string0
z-indexz-index when ceilingnumber | string99
containerLayout information corresponding to the containerobject-
custom-navbarWhether to customize the navigation barbooleanfalse


Event nameDescriptionCallback parameters
scrollTriggered when scrolling{ scrollTop: number, isFixed: boolean }

Theme customization

Style variables

The component provides the following CSS variables, which can be used to customize styles. For usage, please refer to ConfigProvider component.